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Freeman Legal Services


Freeman Legal Services set an historical precedent in 2007 being the first law association to submit arrest warrants for the former PM Tony Blair and 12 members of his Cabinet including his wife, Cherie. It also produced International Arrest warrants for and equal number of rogues within the George W. Bush Administration within the US Government for crimes against humanity, genocide, supporting torture and treason, lying to Parliament-Congress and racketeering charges.


WeRe Bank


WeRe Bank is a beacon of light and hope and strength for all those suffering in Debt Slavery on this planet. It was created in 2011 and began its activities in the UK in 2015. It attracted thousands of members over some 32 countries. It is designated as a"Shadow Bank" under  International Banking  Laws  as confirmed by the Ex FED Chairman Ben Bernanke. WeRe Bank is therefore NOT required to be regulated and has no necessity to be licensed or overseen by any government agency or regulatory authority - in fact is it the freeman's equivalent to the BIS, Bank of England and the FED in that they too are private organistaions NOT accountable or answerable to any outsiide government  or agency. WeRe Bank has assets in excess of £1 billion sterling.


The I.A.P.B.


The International Association of Private Bankers (I.A.P.B.) is the only (unicorporated) association in Europe which can arrange for you to become a "private banker" under both International and Common Law jusridiction and hence shows you how to create your own International Promissory Notes (IPN) for the paying off of all debts on the PUBLIC side of the ledger. A "private banker" is defined under USC 5312 (a)(2)(c). A "private banker" is also very much vital part of the "alternative" non-regulated and non-governmental controlled aspect of "shadow banking" without which the Central Banks could not function. 

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The Old Monetary System seems to be dead. There are no deposits of "money" in the banks anymore. Gold and silver are never available and the squeeze on money, as CASH, is truly of increasing proportion. Bitcoin is offered as the New Ponzi Scheme Trap and many can't see the reckoning before their eyes! The banking cartel wants an end soon to CASH notes and coin. This is so that every purchase and trade can be taxed, monitored and controlled,a nd by that I mean STOPPED if necessary. Anonymity and freedom of action will no longer be a privilege afforded you.  An RFID chip either on a card or more likely IN YOU, carrying electronic digits, are all you will have. These digits are called  SDR and are the IMF & World Bank's planned GLOBAL UNIT of  CURRENCY awaiting you. The ReSDR by WeRe Bank is an alternative to that transhumanist-cyborg slave, replicant agenda. 

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The New Ministry of justice has just arrived! When there is no justice then people have a legal, lawful, moral, social and spiritual obligation to create it. How can it be otherwise? You are operating within a system which is broken, bent and totally corrupted by the coterie of eliteist bankers, money men and the Khazarian Mafia who are satanists and can offer you nothing but falsehood, treachery and pain. The International common Law Court of record on Land  750181 was created in 2012 in order to provide an alternative, sane  system of judicial process whereby people can genuinely receive a "fair, honest and transparent" hearing and also receive help and guidance as to the level of the corruption which faces them  daily.

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Soit Rosecroix


Have you heard about the Illuminati? I'm sure you have. But have you heard of the Lumenati? I'm sure you have not. A cornerstone of the ReMovement legacy is that it is connected to the Egregore of the Order of the Rosecroix. This ancient order is privileged to have knowledge, insight and the ability to work in ways that many might be described as "miraculous". The Teachings of Jeshua Melchizedek (aka Jesus) are the cornerstone of ReMovement's doctrine of knowledge and we teach as we would learn! In a nutshell we would have to state that The Mystical Order of the Rosecroix in its form here, is the antidote to the satanic barbarity of the Luciferian Agenda promulgated by the Roman Catholic Church via its inter-denominational clap-trap, The Masonic Zionist Khazarian Mafia and its Privateereing military Industrial Complexed bag-men and finally the deluded and Alice in wonderland Mad-hatter minded monarchical Royal families of eurpope 

Soit Rose Croix


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