In Turbulent Times You Need A Reliable Friend



To have a trusted friend deliver accurate help and interpretation of the non-sense which is the Globalist's Fake News  Agenda, the purpose of which is to so confuse and beguile you that you no longer can tell black from white or up from down. Why would they wish to do this? It is to ensure that you do NOT awaken to the non-reality of the world YOU THINK that you live in. The world you "think you see" is NOT the world as it is in REALITY. The world is crazy and getting more so. Things are getting bad - things are really bad!  There is war on every corner, people are being killed while watching their T.V.s Everybody's out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys you a nickel's worth and banks are going broke and  bust, BUT, like the stock markets too, are being padded out with Quantitative Easing "fairy dust" and fake money delivered by the Fake Central Banks. Shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter and punks and terrorists are running wild in the streets and nobody seems to know what to do.The Mind cries out: "Where can I go for answers and protection?"
The answer is HeRe - with ReMoment come and try it. You have nothing to lose but your fear.

Your Answers Are To Be Found HeRe...


 The sectioning of the weekly newsletter is to ensure that week by week you, the ReMovement member can build and develop a platform of reasoning and command of the truth so that you can finally begin to find your way Home. Where is Home? well ultimately it is the same place for all of us BUT there are many stop offs on the way. The question to be asked and answered is, Who's arranging the accommodation along the way?" 

Not here !


The insidious and constant poisoning of your mind by the propagandist main stream media (MSM) is the most damagfing circus of lies imaginable. The elite have spent billions on researching the human psyche and have "frequency fenced" you by bombarding you with cell tower frequency as well as hidden transmission towers which are ET delivered. The media circus talks to you as if you are a 14 year old and you are then "managed" to behave and respond accordingly.The TV programming, the radio transmissions and the anapaest delivery of rythm renders you unstable and unable to think. Do you think that reality is created by accident around you? 

Newsletter - Weekly Sections

Esoteric Knowledge – IHS

There are four distinct theories regarding the Rosicrucian enigma. Each is the result of a careful consideration of the evidence by scholars who have spent their lives ransacking the archives of Hermetic lore. The conclusions reached demonstrate clearly the inadequacy of the records available concerning the genesis and early activities of the "Brethren of the Rose Cross."   THE FIRST POSTULATE It is assumed that the Rosicrucian Order existed historically in accordance with the description of its foundation and subsequent activities published in its manifesto, the Fama Fraternitatis, which is believed to have been written in the year 1610.   

Health - Healing – Meditation

 Separation Anxiety, The Atonement and the Psychology of Illness are all dealt with in this section. Here we deal with overcoming the only reason you are ever ill and can ever be ill and that is due to a decision you have made to be so. Impossible to accept? As amazing as it seems this is a universal truth. The body can do nothing on it's own and matter brought to matter can have no effect. The body only does what the Mind informs it to do.Mind is Cause and everything else is an effect. The primal panacea therefore to cure anything and everything is to ask yourself: "Where is the gain for me in all of this?" 

ET Technology & Agendas

The greatest threat to Man is the hijacking of his mind by forces unseen and to the majority unknown via technologies that are extraterrestrial in nature and so far ahead of even your science fiction movies and films that they make your head spin in the pondering.  

AI and The Singularity

The Hive Mind or Singularity is the satantic version of Unity Consciousness - or The Atonement. Over the weeks you will be taught and shown how to "see" what is truth and release you from your nightmares.Mind is Cause 

News behind The News

There is always that which is seen and that which is not seen. The Puppet Master of ths world  tries to ensure you see as little as possible. However, with a little Reticular Activation you can begin to "see" or comprehend the impossible.

The Money Game

 Global Finance. How the markets are rigged. How the money supply is used as an "electrical energy model". How you are equated with an 100Watt light bulb. The truth about the world's gold supplies and how the Black Eagle Trust and the M Fund, Showa Trust fund and covert criminal groups and members of the military Industrial Complex hijacked and  looted the world wholessale with your mony and the took full control of the world and introduced a parrallel, shadow ecomony from 1944 

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