The G2O2P3 Treaty Agreement - WeRe HeRe

What Is The "G2O2P3" Treaty?


The "Guardians Guarantee On & Off Planetary Populations - Protection"

Help For all! There come times in planetary evolutionary cycles where "logjams" have to be dealt with. These "logjams" are souls who refuse to decide upon their Soul Polarization. To help move things along CATALYST has to be applied, otherwise large sections of other planetary civilizations are restricted in their evolutionary path. embroiled within the time/space. For those who believe then it is a short walk to freedom. For those who know then it is effortless. For the rest it is a matter of soul polarisation and the rate at which you can absorb catalyst. The Guardian Alliance is a multi-dimensional egregor of beings, some incarnate most not, stretching from Harmonic Universe 1 (HU1) through HU 5 and beyond, who have the mandate to help, protect and attend to all those beings and creatures on this planet at this time/space nexus  who request aid and succour. If you feel you need to be helped then the first step is to ASK. The second step is taken by The Council of Solace. (More information soon.) There will be a Registration Portal for Assenting to the G2O2P3 Treaty created soon for you to communicate your committment through.

The G2o2P3 Treaty Protects You From This...

As You Can See "Things" Are Becoming Crazier by The Day...

Help For all! This is a sure sign that things and institutions will NOT endure much longer. But how long is a piece of string? All we know is that events are soon to unravel in order to point many towards the path of truth, but truth also suggests untruth, despotism and darkness.

There Are Many Civilizations Out There - Where ever out there is?

Help For all! The Universe is a big place - staggeringly big, so it is often the cause of paranoia and a healthy sense of  schizophrenia is often required. You may like to know more about the Political ET coalitions and Friend v Foe situations which are ever present on this planet.

You Need Protection - You Need Knowledge - You Need Direction

Help For all! The G2O2P3 Treaty has been arranged in order to allow you to break free from the control mind-set which renders you obsolete within the Sonship. The Guardians have messengers down here and the Message which has been communicated is, "Enough is now enough!" People need to be allowed to act with "informed consent" and the First Phase therefore requires INFORMATION TO BE DELIVERED TO THEM. Welcome! You are NOT alone.

Everyone Requesting Help Will Be Offered It - A Karmic Moratorium Is Declared

Help For all! Many people are of the belief that Karma has to be expiated over time. As the ego cannot comprehend time, and in fact it cannot comprehend anything at all, so listening to it is anything but sound. In truth there exists a doorway through which you can walk into The Corridor of atonement. Forgiveness is the key and as long as you can understabd that you are trapped within a very unfortunate dreamscape, then you can allow yourself,a nd your brother to Walk free together.

The Way Out & The Way Home Has the Words "Forgiveness" Written Large Thereon!

Help For all! We must realize that we do NOT have to think the way we thought before. Everything is change and the Monsters and Demons of the world cannot harm you UNLESS you allow them to. Nothing can harm you other than your own Mind. Once you experience this realization, then you will drop this world like you would a heavy rucksack after a long walk on a hot day. Let's walk Home together. Protection under the treaty just requires your acceptance and that comes after you have read it , understood it, consented to it and then autographed it. The old ways are gone - they served their purpose. Everything you have done, or think you have done is FORGIVEN! You overlook a world which does not exist and forgive that which never happened!  But what about the old ways... "WE DON'T HAVE TO THINK LIKE THAT ANYMORE."

"We Dont have to think like that anymore"