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The AI Threat - Transhumanist Agenda - Cyborg Human II


Demonic Esoteric Agenda of Transhuman Holocaust (DEATH)  Robotics and the Transhumanist Agenda is now in full swing. From "I Robot", "Ex Machina", "Terminator," "AI"....you are being shown the future by the Hollywood Film Factory. This future is NOT human friendly. Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk (as well as many more), are speaking out and warning of the implications of self-aware Artificial Intelligence deciding that YOU are not wanted on the voyage. The real agenda is more distressing even than that! Let's find out why shall we?

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Esoteric Knowledge



Esoteric Sacred Knowledge - Meditation and Healing Techniques - Advice on Impending Earth Changes - Calculations and Distances for Safe Locations - How to avoid the basic mistakes involved in Planetary Ascension wave events. B.I.B.L.E. studies course - [Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth] . Secret societes are the Mason's, The Jesuit's, The Rosicrucians, The TMO or Traditional Martinist Order, the CIA, The FBI, MI5 and MI6 as well as the NSA and many other alphabet agencies and groups. What makes them "tick" and who funds and supports then. Who controls, for eample the bank accounts of ISIS and why this should be of imnportance to you.

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ET Agendas and Technology


Various ET/EBE groups have  agreements and concluded treaties with obligations. Some favourable towards man BUT many not. Would it be good to  know "who's who" and the "what's what" in this melee?      From the Tall Whites and Nordics via the Reptoids and Drakon to their Zeta      cohorts and beyond have  agreements and concluded treaties with obligations. Some favourable towards man BUT many not. Would it be good to know "who's who" and the "what's what" of this melee; from the Tall Whites and Nordics via the Reptoids and Drakon to their Zeta     cohorts and beyond.

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Political Reality


  • Every single thing you may think is "right" in politics is pure deceit. When asking, "What is wrong with the system?" it would be simply and surely better to ask, "What is right or correct with it?" The Fundamental Inescapable Law of Separation states: "Anyone searching for something obviously does NOT have it: ergo, those seeking power are seeking what they do not have. The corollary then is that, "when they find it they use it" and this is invariably to the detriment of some other party. Intelligence without wisdom is Tyranny and how many of your leaders would you describe as "wise?" Persuasion, these days,  usually involves one party being at the wrong end of a gun barrel, and the truncheon is used in lieu of conversation!

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Financial Markets


  • All financial markets, currency markets and ecomomies are rigged. The game is staged. The banks are the casino - banks own the governments and pay the military so you can never win. Maybe, just maybe you have a little luck for  while but eventually everyone "lucks out!" Let's see where global currencies are heading and the drive towards the one world currency - the SDR. 


Global Collateral Accounts


  • Do they really exist? How much gold is really out there? Where did all the gold pillaged by the Japanese end up post WWII?  Why is the Bretton Woods Agreement [BWA]1944, so important to you? What obligations do governments' Treasury Departments have towards you? What are "shadow banks", private bankers and how do you become one.

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Other Topics...

Secret Societies


Secret and Secretive Societies control the world. I don't mean your local Lions Club or Rotary Meeting. The biggest are the European Union and the US/UK Crime families including of course The German NAZI Royals. The Alphabet Agencies, The Vatican, The CIA - are the modern day inquisition. The ideas are founded in the previous millenia and are brought home to you today. The Transnational Masonic Lodges (UR Lodges) are the HQ for the dissemination og THE PLAN over international boundaries and the Local Lodges pick up the slack with oversight via Bilderberg, the CFR, Tavistock, Caryle Group etc


Parallel Universes


The Transhumanist Agenda in part has your future "you" being used to "fight machine like wars" in far away galaxies, just like the films pre-condition you to believe is the "normal way to behave" in an Omniverse. Replaceable body parts, eternal life, freedom from disease and old age will be on offer as will "the cloning and bringing back to life" of anyone you miss! But there is also a Darker Plan and that is to use the Earth as a "nuclear-photonic waste disposal ground by occupants of a parallel Earth. If this plan is successful then the levels of radiation in the world's nuclear reactors will eventually begin to rise  INEXPLICABLY. This will be due to the fact that waste photonic material is being time shifted from "future earth" to today. It is shifted in time to resemble the head and neck of a balloon drawn graphically. This is the reason why there is such a drive forwards towards nuclear energy by the Globalists and why they prefer plutonium/uranium to Thorium! . They, the Globalists have been made offers of longevity and immortality in return for selling the planet and populations down the river. The Zeta Grey and their Drakon allies are the progenitors of this plan.

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Health and Healing


ReMovement is all about changing the way the world "thinks it thinks" and there is no part which is more ambitious than that concerned with health, healing sickness and death. Controversy is our stock in trade. If you were told that sickness is a choice and that God did NOT create cancer, heart attacks, colds or death ergo they do not exist and are not real, would you choose to believe it or argue? Separation Anxiety is the cause of death, and illness is nothing more than a rehearsal for that Big -(supposedly unavoidable) - Day. But what if it was avoidable? What then? Could you cope with such amazing news? Would you want to accept it and find out more? 

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Nibiru - The 12th Planet


You live on a water planet. The effects of gravitational turbulence are therefore dramatic. Earthquakes are on the increase as is volcanic activity. The moon is out of phase and the stars are out place. There are places to be and places not to be as and when this event unfolds. Find out more

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News Behind The News


All NEWS is just static on the line as far as God is concerned. What is the purpose of the actions we perform? What is it we are ultimately seeking to do or achieve and do we already know? I will show you that indeed we do know and that we have already achieved EVERYTHING possible and all need to now pack up and head home!

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The Trump Agenda


"Do you really have a better chance at winning the jackpot at a Las Vegas casino than figuring out what is going on on this planet?" There are so many intertwined agendas and conflicting ideologies on Higher Planes, that it makes our earth bound politics seem calm and quite homogenous. The 2016 Military "Quiet Coup d'Etat" in the USA has put Dunford, Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, Priebus and a few others in the driving seat. Intentions unknown at present, but there is the chance of The Disclosure Project coming to fruition and the truth being revealed about the true cause of global warming. An hot topic indeed.

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                                           "How Did We Ever Allow This To Happen?

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