First of All, A Question - "Who Rules The World?"

Politics is not what you imagine - the financial sector is what controls everything. A small elite & inter-knit group of families control it all. The Walton Family for example are the WalMart owners ...all hidden in plain view. This video will expose it all with mathematical simplicity. You're on a runaway train folks...time to get off! reports: “Reality is so complex, we must move away from dogma, whether it’s conspiracy theories or free-market,” says James Glattfelder. “Our analysis is reality-based.” 

The 147 Who own the world

Public Enemy No.3 - All Internet Technology

What It seems to Be For


The internet of things seemed upon arrival, as the saviour for all our problems. Well that wsas the sales pitch! less paperwork, more free time, better life-style and management - lot's promised - nothing delivered. So all that it seemed to be for has NOT MATERIALIZED. Ergo, some one either got it wrong or lied to you. It seemed to be about education, communication and sharing...

What It Actually Is For


But in fact it was for control, surveillance and domination. In truth the WWW phenomenon is associated with the WW phenomenon. WAR! The "internet offer" was delivered to Secret Deep State inheritors of the NAZI war machine interactions with off planet beings/factions within the US Government circa 1954. It was delivered as an IKEA flat-pack solution marked Box A, Box B and Box C for roll-out commencing 1972 with each box having an approximate 20 year "to completion" phase. The aim is to create a perceptual blindness in Earth populations in preparation for the Transhumanist Agenda and invasion by ET factions as well as for the substitution of your reality with "HIT" - Holographic Insert Technology


Who Gifted It and Why


Circa 1748 time travelling E.B.E.'s collectively referred to as the Zeta Grey, from Zeta Reticuli in the constellation of Orion, managed to break quarantine and arrive on Earth and in this timeline. Their plan is to reverse engineer the human DNA to allow them to reconnect with spirit and allow them to travel interdimensionally instead of being restricted to "physical craft". They wish to do this as the have been disconnected from their Soul-Matrix due to "techno-ing" themselves out of existence. The see the HU-MAN "genome" (Harmonic Universe Man) as the prime tool for this purpose. They also have an agenda to take control of the planet subliminally by orchestrating and inserting "false reality fields" into the perceptual visionary fields of incarnate earth humans. (That's "Skinny Bob" by the way in the above picture - not necessarily one of the protagonists!)  Members of  Majestic 12 and various groups gave "permission" for limited abductions of earth populations in EXCHANGE  for technology.


Public Enemy No. 2 - Vatican Zionist Khazarian "Money Mafia"

Solar Templar Initiates - Khazarian Mafia

The Vatican Pink/Satanic Lobby and The Black Pope are working with ET factions in order to bring about a biblical Armageddon. This is based around the biblical story sown for human minds by the Annunaki some hundreds of thousands of years ago.  The aim is also to create a One World Multi-Kulti religion and a One World Currency, followed by a One World Hive Mind population.

You see the guy on the right? Is this Jesuit face that of a kind, loving, compassionate man? Can you imagine standing in front of such a man and asking for forgiveness and receiving anything but a stern put down? These Black Magic Money Changers and killers have used every conceivable deceit and trick available to weaken man and captivate him in Money Misery Mayhem. They have traded their souls their for  demonically effective "techniques" to baffle man for Millenia. They have invoked the help of Demons and Koranic - Jinns to aid them in the diabolical work. Today the Jesuit Order is the Reference Expertise for the Occult research Centre in Paris

Who Took Atlantis To The Sea-Bed and

Amilaeus, an enlightened leader in Atlantean days, faced these same Destroyers and Sowers of  the seeds of intrigue, gossip and doubt. These "reincarnated" Atlantean trouble makers are invariably all here today in "top political jobs"...doing what they did then, wanting to bomb,maim and kill and engage in "turf-war" power struggles. Why? Because their genetic make up leads them to do these acts as they believe "they are gods". They are being deceived by the more intelligent and adept ET factions?groups they interact with, while thinking that they have the upper hand. The 4th dimensional beings are leading the earth faction humans a merry dance and the end result is YOU!

The Above Are Looking To Phase Out Humankind...

The agenda is to take over the world without the humans thereupon ever knowing it was "taken from them". This requires patience, stealth, psychology and brute force, coercion, conditioning and Heavy Duty RF Technology to distort all your "natural impulses. Typically speaking they are rewiring your DNA so you cannot perceive the "reality fields" within which you live. War is just a part of this insanity BUT watch this short video to help place things in perspective!


The Vatican Zionist Khazarian Elites Control....



The lovely chap on the left is Nathan Rothschild. He went to Oxford University and was in the infamous club called "The Bullingdon Boys". What odds would the bookies give you for the chances of his fellow "BB" members David Cameron, Geoprge Osborne and Boris Johnson would all end up in government and "running the show" on behalf of Nathan?

1844 coup



What's it all about? You have to ask yourself this don't you? No one comes into a position of political influence unless the Puppet Master agrees on the candidate.   Does anyone still believe that parliamentary democracy is an acceptable form of consensual government when the carriage of trust has been disconnected from the engine of truth? Does anyone still believe that capitalism works as a suitable system of wealth distribution….for anyone (other than the capitalist, industrialist banker)? Countrywide and worldwide we hear the same old complaints and the same old moans from the hardworking, impoverished and broken backed workforce. Why is life not getting any easier? Why is there no accountability in politics any longer? Why do parliamentarians treat us with absolute disdain? Where are all the spying devices, surveillance devices, drugs and terror coming from? Why do banks charge more & more and their obscene profits benefit no one? 

The promises became the lies and were handed to you, the electorate, over the past 400 years and have ensured a systemic demise of your lifestyle and all your civil liberties and freedoms. And who is responsible for this? THE POLITICIANS.

Where is all your promised wealth? You have none. All you have been laboured with is the "old usurers saddle of debt" which again and again chafes you to the bone, but will you ever awaken to the trickery? (You will soon as the next major, engineered, credit squeeze is coming your way 2007/08!) In just 40 years from Wilson to Blair these heinous, criminally insane elected power hungry moguls of irresponsibility and their MP followers, those attendance-fee scavengers, those knights of the pen and the slick lie have deceived and lied you all into the present absolute shameful state of affairs whereby your every living act is criminalised and scrutinised by a government that tells you what to do and when you’ll do it. A government that keeps secrets and lies to you, kills your whistle-blowers and sends your youth to foreign battlefields unjustifiably on any account and illegally on every account, but when challenged refuses to heed to consensual outrage of the people on any account, whilst the Queen merrily dances along seemingly oblivious and uncaring! What happened to the Royal Prerogative Isabelle? 

Public Enemy No.1



 The military is government's, read bankers, read privateer corporations enforcement arm for when the hoods and the Mafia and criminal elements upon which the entire world government system is predicated fail. The military is nothing more than the Shake-down machine with the biggest stick. This bunch above are the war cabinet who have taken control of the White House and act as De Facto "Commanders In Chief" of the US Armed forces. The end result is just war and trouble and more of the same... 




 Information coming soon! 

Free Masonic Orders


 Information coming soon! 

Privateer Corporatocracies


The Black Budget and off-screen bank funding supplied via UBS,Credit Suisse, Julius Baer  etc, to the Elite via the MacArthur Fund (M1-Fund or in Japan The Showa Trust) ensures that there is no shortage of money for THEM. HOw much was made available/ When was it made available and How was it made available is a subject of our webinar series.

Who Run The Following "STAR" Trust Corporations...



The Soviet Union  was a manufactory for the spread of a poisonous ideology based on "sound socialist principles". Howevr, as with all ideologies there is a good side and a not so good. The global banking cartel needed a totalitarian global regime to mind-wash the common man and frighten him half to death and then finish off the other half with a bullet.



Has it escaped your attention that it "just so happens" that the two largest countries of EurAsia, sharing a common border "just so happened" to acquire Communist Psychopathic Leaders at the same time? Stalin and Mao Tse Tung were responsible for the killing of millions in the pursuit of The NWO Plan. The bankers wanted a Totalitarian Regime Communism was inventd to purge the human mind of "compassion and beleif in spirit ann good and God. It was done to robotise the masses and we see the result in Japan, Korea, Russia and China

North and South Korea


The Japanese took control of the korean Peninsula in the late 1800's and from then on they controlled it all. After WWII - they controlled it still with US Aid and protection and the Emperor of Japan's side-kicks funding the Japanese "Yakusa" and  Chinese Triads to pillage the war loot and funnel it to Europe and the USA.



This chap above is as dark as they come and is an "asset of the CIA" and also those who control the Japanese war loot, the almost 3 million metric tonnes which was "stashed" during the war.The M Fund, The Showa Trust Fund The Black Eagle Trust, Santa Romana and Yamashita's gold all play a part in the most covered up destructive tyranny and genocide  ever perpetrated upon the planet. The Japanese war atrocities make Hitler's Death Camps look like Windsor tea parties. However, this record and much, much more has been sanitized from the record by the OSS, the CIA, and the Military Industrial Complex and kept in secret by the MSM and all US Presidents from Herbert Hoover (1929) through Obama to today. This is the Hidden Hiistory which they don't teach at the Harvard Business School, at your University, or that you'll ever read of or hear about on the TV or "presstitute media." Here though, we'll hand it out by the bucket-full.



The Plan for the Zoning of the world has been planned and choreographed by the banking cartels of Europe and most of the time they have been working hand in hand with the Vatican as well as Secretive Societies in Europe from the Freemasonic Orders through splinter groups of the Rosicrucians and including the ever penurious and desperate for money Monarchgies of Europe. The Eurozone is an "hors d'oeuvre" for the dropping of the curtian to announce the next phase in world ONENESS. That Oneness involves cameras, surveillance and total obedience to the Psycho-Terror-Compliance dictates which you will be advised to conform to for your "health and safty" or for the protection of society (INGSOC) as a whole, Refusal to comply will be interpreted as "refusing the pwoer of the state and will result in "reconditioning!"

ROTHRAEL Rothschild - Israel


Planned for, long, long, long ago, Problem-Reaction-Solutioned (PRS) during the second world war via an ARRANGED HOLOCAUST, at the hand of Adolf Hitler, we end up with a nation state which is unparalleled in modern times.

Who Control "Secret-Society" Gangs Working Together...



Israeli Military Intelligence Services working with various ET groups for the destruction of the world and all human kind. Enough said for now.



The C.I.A or Cathoics In Action are just a rebranishment of the Roman Catholic Inquisition  teams of the Middle Ages

MI5/6 KGB Gangs


MI5 and MI6 5+6 =11 Solomonic Kabbalistic Numerology is jsut one of the topics we cover in depth in our webinar series

Yakuza Gangs


Japanese Mafia responsible for ransacking South East Asia from 1890 to today. Heavily backed up and paid by the OSS, CIA, NSA and covert military operations departments

Mafia Gangs


What has Italy given to the world? The Roman Empire, The Vatican, The Mafia, Mussolini and Pizza.

Triad Gangs


The Chinese equivalent of the Yakuza. China has been poisoned by the Zionist destablization program born out of a cocktail mixture and diet of Communism and drugs mixed with totalitarianism and an outlawing of religious belief.

To Hood-Wink You...

First Came The Annunaki


 Information coming soon! 

Then The Chosen People


 Information coming soon! 

Then Came Deceit


 Information coming soon! 

Then Came Modernity


The world time/speed for Millenia was dictated to by the speed of the horse on land or a boat on water. So what changed in around the late18th century. From then on the world shrank dramatically.

Then Came Time Travelling Zeta


1748 approximately it all changed as our "fallen-angelic bretheren" came to harvest the crop

Then Came Flat-Pack "ET" IKEA Style Internet Death Technology


And what (and who) did they rely upon to entrap the agrarian "totally connected and in touch with nature" populations with? Well that would be technology would it not. Everything which you are NOT is outside of you and so the next Satanic/Lucierian phase in "Separating You From Source" began. The internet www is the most destructive and malevolent force ever allowed on the planet. If you do NOT head it off then Matrix II arrives, In fact it has already arrived and so  we must USE time to undo it. Any takers?

And Main Stream Media - The "Presstitutes" Spin It All

S.P.I.N. Stands for "Satanic Polycentric Integrated Network" - A network of lies and deceit and distraction, best shown here in this Network 1973 film - This is a short video to show you that everything coming out of MSM is nothing but propaganda of Orwellian proportion. The Ministry of Truth, where history is rewritten, to conform to the manufactured lies of the political machine designed by the bankers and the Moneyed Interests to hold you in check, mate!

But Public Enemy No.1 Is Your Ego - The Very Devil Itself

"" ... We are oft to blame in this,--
'Tis too much proved--that with devotion's visage
And pious action we do sugar o'er
The very devil himself.""

Here is a short video clip to show you that the internal dialogue between the "Voice for God" and that of the Ego is a constant dialogue. The Ego always presents itself as a Victim, (but always then awaiting its opportunity to later revenge it's assailant and ALWAYS holds a grudge), or the Aggressor. 

The Antidote to This Insanity Is ReMovement


The Problem -The Ego as defined in the Guy Ritchie film - ReVolver

ReMovement's primary aim is to educate and bring about political change. Politics is defined as "your highest held spiritual belief". So, as you can see there are two Biblically opposed mindsets - with one having the upper hand. The responsibility then of the writing staff is to deliver material and information in a timely manner to help you to make a modicum of sense of an insane world which is becoming increasingly worn out and tired. What you are confronted with are the projections of your mind and fantasy - hallucination would be a better term than "seeing" for in fact you "see" nothing. This "blindness" is what causes you to be imprisoned in the World by the global Elite. Where we are heading is several grades higher than The Matrix . The secret? There is no pill!


The Globalist ET Devolutionary Plan for your future

There is practically nowhere for you to find reliable spiritual information these days which will provide you with a road home. Mnay religions and philosophies and cults teach bye ways home - ReMovement teached Highways Home! We deliver straight, incontrovertible facts, information and techniques which require only the smallest willlingness on your behalf in order for you to succeed. The rest is done or offered to you via the Grace of God, The Face of Christ and Great Spirit. Trust, helpfullness, harmlessness and patience should prevail in order for us to change our minds about the world as bemoaning it and trying to change it can NEVER work because it is an EFFECT of our Mind's - Mind being at Cause for All. How can it but be so? If it were NOT the case then it would have to be said that matter created you and that is patently NOT so.


The ReMovement Alternative - Spiritual ReVolution

To change the thinking of the world we must first change the way it thinks about time. and explain to you "the nature of the trap" you are in. There is little point in bemoaning the world if itis just an effect. We must go to Cause! If time is a problem and there  is no past and there is no future then we need to "alternative-ize" it. This is the most important "quantum" in the leap-mechanics for man over the next cycle of evolution. The Ego loves time and has tricked you into "accepting it's parametres" UNQUESTIONINGLY. Please watch the short video clip below. It is the best attempt yet on film to show the constant internal dialogue between the voice of the Ego and that of Spirit. Spirit does not see the Ego but the ego does realize that it is being ignored by something but cannot fathom what. In fact the Ego cannot fathom anything at all. It has convinced YOU that you are it - body identification therefore is the "Be all and end all" of ego mechanics. If you really are a body then your home is fragile and weak and can be knocked down instantly, on a whim. However, if you are a Son of The One Infinite Creator, then maybe everything which you imagine is being inflicted upon you by a capricious God, is really just  your Mind playing tricks. Read on...

Join ReMovement Now!

ReMember as a Member you have access to knowledge and information which is just simply NOT available anywhere else and there is no deceit or lying here. You'll love it because you will understand it! So if you don't wish to "Sugar O'er The Very Devil himself" we invite you to take a walk with us into a more certain and secure future under the wings of angels.


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